Just One More...Transformed by Jesus

The Mission

A church that disciples believers to have a love for the word of God, operate in the power of the Holy Spirit, and have a personal responsibility for the great commission

We believe that our community doesn’t need another church service, what we believe is that it needs examples of people who do the things that Jesus did in a way that demonstrates love like Jesus did. We see that Jesus weeps over the lostness of Jerusalem, we see Him reaching out to the poor in spirit, we see Him loving His disciples, and we see Him as the good shepherd who would leave the 99 for the 1.

It is with this heart that our vision was developed, “Just One More… Transformed by Jesus.”

When we say “Just One More…”, it implies one more father, mother, child, sibling, business owner, bagger of groceries, addict, depressed, hurting, lost, etc...  This vision allows any life situation, trial, or tragedy to have meaning and value if Just One More… is Transformed by Jesus!

Our mission incorporates 4 key principles to accomplish our vision of “Just One More… Transformed by Jesus”
Disciple Believers – The work of the church is to equip and train believers for the work of ministry
Love for the Word of God – The Word of God reveals the person of God – Jesus Christ. As we fall in love with the Scripture we fall in love with Jesus!
Operate in the power of the Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit does the work to transform a person’s heart and is necessary to be effective for the kingdom of God
Have a personal responsibility for the great commission – The great commission is not an option or a recommendation but a command that must be taken seriously when we follow Jesus Christ.

As a result of our heart for the vision of “Just One More… Transformed by Jesus”, we will be seeing the gospel reach further and further into the world, one person at a time.

In the eyes many “modern church leaders” the vision of “Just One More” is too small or too narrow, however we do not plan on striving to become anything a “modern church leader” might aspire to. We will focus on the ONE that is in front of us. We will be more organic, relentless in developing people rather than programs. We are reminded what the the Prophet Zechariah says – ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ saith the Lord of hosts. (Zechariah 4:6b). We would rather have the Spirit of God build a church than risk the possibility that we did.

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